How we make it Processes & technology

How we make it

Processes & technology

Owing to our wide ranging expertise, from our traditional model making processes to the latest technologies, we are able to tackle almost any project in house.

Rapid prototyping

Including CAD, CNC, SLA

model making

Using manual machinery/tools and traditional materials


We can scuplt almost anything. We once sculpted a 20ft pineapple with a chainsaw

Vacuum casting

Simulation of injection mould and blow with the fastest turnaround

Vacuum forming

Rapid tooling for vacuum forming enables multiple production and fast product iteration and incorporation


3D visualization, including montageand scenes, walk through and fly-by

colour matching

Accurate colour matching and specialist finishes

High level finishing

We provide specialist and unique appearances

In house graphic
creation (decals)

Full colour transfers, embossing, and digital print